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Jim Prescott

Jim Prescott Owner 626Guns

Jim Prescott Owner 626Guns



Jim has been in business in the Sauk Valley area for over 35 years, primary interest and expertise is in competition shooting, primarily pistol and some rifle.

As a business leader for over 35 years in the Sauk Valley area, Jim Prescott’s leadership as owner of 626GUNS reflects his professionalism and true desire to help others in gun ownership. Jim’s expertise as a contestant in firearm matches allows him to help you select the correct gun for your next competition, even if you are just starting in the world of competition, self-defense, or target shooting. Selection of the correct Pistol, Long gun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery equipment can be a big task for even the experienced shooter. Why not stop in and let the experts at 626GUNS help you select your next purchase.



Austin Prescott


Ask me about Airsoft , Archery, and local competitions

Ask me about Airsoft , Archery, and local competitions

Austin is Jim’s son and has been managing the store since it opened, Austin knows just about everything about whats in the store and his exciting personality will keep you coming back every-time, even if it’s just for a chat.

Austin is the manager of 626Guns. From the newest pistol to Airsoft he is a leader in Northern Illinois Archery and Firearm industry. He is an active member of several area Gun clubs, and enjoys shooting with the best of them. Austin is the go to guy when it comes to all things 626Guns. He is always willing to help in selection, research, and general knowledge of firearms, archery, and airsoft. He actively competes in pistol, rifle, and airsoft matches. Come in and talk with Austin, he can direct you to the best selection of equipment for your needs.


626 is the place experienced shooters and hunters come for Duck, Deer, Turkey, Rabbit and Squirrel hunting 626 can help you with the perfect gun completly set up perfectly for your type of use. 626 is the place.

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